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Special offer for very small companies!

Dear customer,

If you have a very small Estonian company and it is not VAT-registered, you do not have to make VAT declarations. A very small company means, that you work alone in your osaühing and don't make millions. But if you want to pay a salary to yourself, I can make the salary declarations for you! 

How does it work?

1. You e-mail to me how much money you want to take out from your company every month

2. I e-mail to you how much money for taxes you have to pay to Estonian government 

3. I make the declarations to the tax office every month

4. You pay me 17 euros every month (I make invoices)

At the end of the year you need to make an annual report even if you have not VAT registered. If you have paid monthly (or less frequent) a salary to yourself, I can make the annual report for you with 170 euros. Write to me!

If you are not living in Tallinn, we can make everything by e-mail

Best Regards,

Sirje Kingsepp


oü Aisania

Tallinn Estonia


Phone: (+372) 556 89 230