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Aisania - estonian accounting company


my name is Sirje and I am an accountant in Estonia. I have been working as an accountant and bookkeeper since 1998. In 2002, I started my own small company and now I offer you my knowledge of Estonian business law. I can help you with all the reports and declarations that you need, if you have established your own Estonian osaühing or mtü. I have served many businesses across different industries – public and private, profit and nonprofit, large and small.

Key competencies:
Monthly accounting
Filing annual returns and accounts
VAT and tax declarations (TSD)
Annual reports
Contacting and communicating with the authorities: Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Estonian Business Register
Tax and business consultations

PS! I do not provide "legal" aadress for your new business

Monthly accounting

per month
  • If you are VAT registered, then you need to submit declarations to the tax office every month. The price depends on how many invoices you have in one month

Annual report

(minimum price)
In Estonia every company must make annual report. The price depends on how many documents you have in one year


30 minutes
Write to me your questions about Estonian business law or accounting details and we can meet online and discuss your problems and questions


I have two different types of clients:

1. Very small companies. They are not VAT-registered or they can prepare documents for the Tax office by themselves. Then they need an accountant once a year to prepare the annual report. The price for the annual report starts at 100 euros. It depends on whether you have already calculated your documents and transactions or not. Check out the special offer too.

PS! If you want to do your daily bookkeeping by yourself, I can teach you.

2. Small companies. They are VAT-registered and need an accountant every month. They pay salary to up to three people, issue up to 10 invoices and purchase up to 30 times per month goods or services for their business.

I don’t count every month how many documents you have, we agree on a price per month at the beginning of our cooperation. The maximum price is 400 euros per month and if you don’t have so many transactions, the price starts at 100 euros per month.

With this money, you can get all those key competencies that you can see above. You can also call, meet or email me anytime. You will have all the declarations and reports that your company needs.

You don’t have to worry about your bureaucracy, I do!

If you only need a consultation, let’s meet and talk about your bookkeeping problems. 30 minutes of good advice costs you only 30 euros. We can meet online. We can talk in English, but I also know Russian and German languages.

I have used FB messenger or Zoom for online consultations.

Best regards,



Phone: (+372) 556 89 230