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Aisania - estonian accounting company

Dear customer

Business owners need a good partner to help understand their reports and local taxes. It is even more difficult if you are not Estonian and can not understand, what a person from the local tax office asking from you. That is where Aisania can help you. We can help you and be your best partner right here in the middle of Tallinn.
However, many businesses do not have the accounting know-how or financial resources to hire a full-time staff of competent accounting professionals. We are the flexible, affordable and highly qualified accounting partner for your businesses in need.

Since 2002 Aisania has served many businesses across different industries – public and private, profit and nonprofit, large and small, with outsourced accounting services. Whether it’s keeping our clients compliant in their record-keeping or communicating with local authorities and consulting services.

Key competences:
Regular accounting
Filing annual returns and accounts
Controlling and reporting
VAT and tax declarations
Annual reports
Contact and communication with the authorities: Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Estonian Business register
Tax and business consultations 

PS! I do not sell "legal" aadress for your new business


We have 2 different types of clients:

1. Very small companies. They are not VAT-registered or they can make documents for the Tax office by themselves. Then they need an accountant once a year to make the annual report. Price for the annual report starts at 100 euros and the maximum price is 500 euros. Depends, do you have already counted your documents and transactions together or not.

PS! If you want to do your everyday bookkeeping by yourself, I can teach you.

2. Small companies. They are VAT-registered and need an accountant every month. They are paying salary up to a maximum of 3 people, making max 10 invoices and buy max 30 times per month goods or services for they business. I don’t count every month how many documents you have, we agree with you at the beginning of co-operation a price for month. This maximum price is 600 euros a month and if you don't have so many transactions, the price starts at 200 euros for a month.

With this money you can have all those key competences which you can see above. You can also call, meet or mail me any time. You will have all the declarations and reports what your company needs.

You don’t have to worry about your bureaucracy, I do!

If you only need a consultation, let's meet and talk about your bookkeeping problems. One hour of good advice costs you only 60 euros.

Best regards,



Tallinn, Kadriorg
Poska 10

E-mail: sirje@page.ee
Phone: (+372) 556 89 230